Bass Hill Vet

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Architect: Fred Whitehead | Duration: 21 weeks | Cost: $ 1 million

Almost after 3 years of dealing with Council to obtain Development Approval, our client was left with the task of completing works on a restricted budget. Unity NSW Pty Ltd continued their relationship from the 18 months prior and provided an alternative price based on the revised D.A. Selection was made by the client on who they felt most comfortable with and final negotiations proceeded. Works finally commenced in July 2006 with the project completed in two stages. The first stage was the demolition of part of the existing clinic and construction of new works with trading out of temporary facilities. The second stage was the demolition of the remaining part of the clinic and new entrance and driveway works. The new clinic caters to an ever expanding clientele and provides much needed additional space in a more functional environment. The blade walls were made a feature of the entrance to ‘brighten up the front facade and enhance its appearance’. The works were completed on time and to budget.