Quality Policy

Our prime quality objective is client satisfaction and developing and maintaining repeat business by delivering every project to the highest level of quality. This is measured by the following:

  •  Completing projects within the client’s budget
  •  Completing projects within the specified time
  •  Handing over projects with no defects
  •  Site safety of all project team members
  •  Building a relationship with the client, consultants and all stakeholders and being engaged in future work

Our professional approach and willingness to understand our client’s needs helps us deliver the desired outcomes for each project. UNITY is committed to consistently delivering all projects in compliance with the client’s and our own quality requirements. This commitment is achieved through the use of the Quality Management System (developed under licence to ISO 9001 and due for accreditation in 2011) which is implemented for all activities undertaken by UNITY. The effectiveness of this system is everyone’s responsibility and relies on the cooperation and support of all Unity employees, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.

“If you won’t accept it (the quality of product) in your own home, don’t expect anyone else to accept it in theirs”