What can we do:

If you’re still not convinced we can help then take a moment to review our portfolio, which highlights a vast range of projects across a broad spectrum of Industries including:
  • Aged Care
  • Health
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Interiors
  • Residential
  • Government
Project sizes vary significantly from under $50,000 to well over $8 Million to date. Our horizon is as broad as our clients demand.
Why not put us on your next Tender, you may be surprised.
How we will do it:
In most instances, decisions about engaging a contractor for a project are made after the design phase. Selection is then based on the perceived ability of the tenderers to complete the works. The tenderer is selected and works commence – you may never see the same people again until project completion.
The difference at UNITY is, your relationship is with the same people from beginning to end. Our overheads are kept low through
efficient resourcing not over resourcing. We are increasingly becoming involved at the design stage of a project, providing economical design solutions and preparing fully costed budgets that eliminate the costly and time consuming exercise of competitive tendering. Our budgets and cost plans are assessed by your independent Q.S. and, subject to agreement, through the costing phase; the construction process begins on site. The end result is reduced costs through the entire tender process.
Effective time management ensures prompt commencement on site, and a known lump sum cost from the outset, without the hidden exclusions. We can work on whatever basis suits you. That may be: competitive tendering, construction management, project management, cost plus. Whatever your requirements are. We are confident of at least meeting them across all aspects of a project.